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ADOR holding Supports supplies the highest quality supports in the world offering a complete range of products for the major injury-prone areas of the body, including the foot, ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist.


GMP Imed Export Certificate :
GMP Imed Export Certificate :

Certification of Export of Medical Products

ISO 13485 :
ISO 13485 :

Compliance with Requirements of MD QMS 13485

ISO 9001 :
ISO 9001 :

Compliance with Requirements of QMS 9001

CE :
CE :

Declaration of Conformity in Compliance with International Standards

Order Preparedness

We are ready to grant sales representatives in any country and will commit to the anatomical differences based on the adjusted agreements

We are ready to receive orders from fellow manufacturers and distributers around the world

  • 01 2007

    The Idea is Born

  • 02 2010

    Production Peak due to Project Development First appearance in International Exhibition (Iran Med & Iran Health)

  • 03 2013

    Broaden of Target Market (Export to Iraq and Afghanistan) International Registration of ADORTM

  • 04 2015

    R&D division is Established: Initiation of Cooperation with MediTM
    Extension of Production line (Near 2x Output) Confirmation Certificate of ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and CE

  • 05 2019

    Foundation of ADOR Representative in Belarus (BelfAdor) Export to North Africa

  • 06 2020

    Contribution to Cessation of Covid-19 Outbreak by Development of Medical Mask Production

  • 07 2021

    ADORTM Holding

  • 08 2022

    Is Loading . . .

  • 09 2023

    is Loading

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