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Eye Cover

Eye Cover

Sleep Mask
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Code: 140060

The term ‘sleep mask’ refers to any lightweight barrier that is placed over the eyes during sleep, typically using an elastic band that wraps around the head. Sleep masks are useful for shift workers and other people who normally sleep during the day.


The hormone Melatonin regulates the day-night cycle of the human body and controls the recovery phases during the sleep. For the production of this hormone, the human body requires sufficient darkness. Lightness prevents the production of Melatonin. Even a little light caused, for example, by a digital clock can be a disturbance. Sleeping masks however provide complete darkness for your sleep.
This product not only feels smooth against your skin but also hypoallergenic, great for those with sensitive skin.



  • Fully Coverage: high quality and light weight material for sensitive skins eye area. Thick enough to block almost all the lights for eye protections.
  • Light weighted breathable material with special padded around nose area to avoid pressure to eyeball.
  • Long-Distance Travel
  • Lunch Time
  • Relieve Fatigue
  • Easy to carry
  • Unisex and One size fits all
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