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PRESSOR elastic ankle support

PRESSOR elastic ankle support

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No suture has been applied in making of PRESSOR products series resulting in minimum annoying edges. Accordingly, there will be reduced traces on the skin due to decreased contraction, while wearing the supports.

With their attractive, uncomplicated and outstanding design, PRESSOR series are skin friendly, soft and light weight at the same time.

Adjustable elastic bands for desired pressure distribution over the supported organ/area ensure optimum comfort.

Comfortable wearing due to elastic bands results in a contour support around the organ and provides maximum functionality and a sense of relief for the user.



Warmth preservation and controlled compression in the ankle area.

Self-adjustable compression due to elasticity

Easy to put on and take off with heels degage. Comfortable wearing even with shoes on.

Useful for sports injuries prevention. Protection of weak muscles.


Weak ankle muscles

Minor injuries and fatigue trauma treating

Loose or drifting ankle

Tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis of ankle

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